Hey everyone ,  this a very informal introduction about myself .

I am a 16 year old teenager trying to make a place for myself in the world . I have a  passion for travelling , interacting with different people and writing . I have big dreams in life ( they only involve travel and an amazing love story ) . I want to become a traveller , I love exploring and experimenting anything new. I always find happiness when I make other people happy .

I have a messy mind and a heavy heart . I want a life which is wild and free where every moment is unpredictable . I love thrill and adventure .I am a deep person , full of tangles and it’s not easy to untangle the threads within me . I love quotes and inspirational writings .

Other things I really love are art , fashion/beauty ,films/youtube and music. I am a vintage junkie , I love anything that is  old and mysterious . History and english are my two favourite subjects.

In my blogs I am basically going to share my thoughts and ideas with you . I will be writing about life ,travel etc. life3