Travel Essentials , Summer Edition 

1) Sunscreen 

It’s one of the utmost important products to be carried. Sunscreen is a must for anyone at anytime of the year. I recommend using the Neutrogena ultra sheet sunblock (Spf 50+). Those who are looking for a cheaper alternative can use the Lotus Collagen Shield sunblock (spf 90). 


2)  Deodrant  

This is a very obvious must have. I recommend using the Nivea whitening Deodrant (stick or roll-on) . I have been using this for over a year and it works really well . For a spray Deodrant I suggest any of the Nike deodorants .  But, disclaimer : ” Do not use it on your skin. It makes your skin darker especially since the underarms are sensitive . It is better if you spray it over your shirt . 

3) Body mist 

I also recommend carrying a travel sized body mist so that you can always smell like your favourite fragrance . This summer I will be carrying around A Thousand Wishes , body mist  by Bath and body works .  

4) Tissues 

Carrying dry tissues can come in handy many times . So, just drop in a travel sized tissue pack I your back pack . 


5) Wet wipes 

Wet wipes are super important to freshen up your face during the hot summer days. They can also be used as a makeup remover . I personally recommed using baby wipes either  Johnsons baby or Himalaya , since they are mild . But you can use the Kara wet wipes as well they come in various types to suite your requirement .  Even Dove wet wipes  are pretty good .  

6) Lip balms 

I recommend using a lip balm with spf since our lips need protection from the sun , you can use the Neutrogena lip balm . I prefer using a tinted lip balm as it gives colour to your lips and you don’t really have to use lipstick or lip gloss since it’s hot and very sticky . Tinted lip balms provide moisture as well as give colour to the lips so that’s a good deal .  

7) BB Cream

BB cream is a marvellous product in a tiny tune . It has many useful properties. It hydrates the skin , conceals blemishes and has spf . It cal also be used as an alternative to foundation , if the amount of coverage you want is less . as it is much lighter .   I use the Garnier BB cream  and it works pretty well .  

8) Moisturiser 

It is always necessary to keep your skin hydrated and well nourished . I recommend using the Nivea light moisturiser . It is very light on the skin and doesn’t make it too oily .  I have been using this for about 4 months and it’s results are pretty good . 

9) Facewash 

It is always important to carry a travel sized face wash . I have been using the Clean and Clear morning energy face wash and   it works great .  

10) Sanitizer 

A sanitizer is a must to keep your hands clean and germ free , especially while travelling g you may not have access to water or soap.  

11) Mouth wash 

Nobody wants bad breath , so it’s pretty obvious that you need carry a travel sized mouthwash . I have been using the Listerene mouth wash since forever .  


12) Dry shampoo 

I suggest carrying a dry shampoo as it will be useful , incase you don’t have time to wash your hair. It’s not a must have but it will be of good use .  I recommend the products below . 


13) Hair Tyes and clips 

These are pretty obviou things as well . You can carry anything that suites your need.  


14) Sunglasses & hats 

Sunglasses and hats are always important while travelling especially in the summers when blazing hot !  



15) Sweater 

Although it’s summer I recommend carry  a sweater or a cardigan as sometimes it tends to get cold at night or the place that you are travelling  to might be cold. 
Thank you for reading , I hope it was helpful .☺️❤️ 


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