Why I fell in love with K-POP ? 

I recently started listening to K-Pop and I instantly fell in love in with  it . In fact, I liked it more than english songs , even though I don’t really understand the language . I was introduced to K-Pop by my friend Sam ( beautyandentertainment.blogspot.in/?m=1 ) and I love her so much for that.

K-Pop is an amazing genre of music.

I found it very fresh and different from conventional english pop songs. It’s just really different and addictive. Once you start listening and watching a few K-Pop videos you will fall in love with it (well it’s not guaranteed that everyone will like it ….but still…I completely fell for it).

Frankly speaking, english pop is not really that interesting anymore, as it only talks about love , breakups & sex! (no offence) . I’m not criticising english songs , some of them are amazing and really touch my heart , but, K-pop is much more entertaining.

It has various types off concepts and themes . K-Pop music videos are simply marvellous , the dancing skills of the artists , the concept & choreography , and the setting of the videos set them apart  from other genres of music and makes them awesome. 😀  They completely have a different level and an edge over the music videos in other languages .By far, the best music videos I have come across are in K-Pop.

K-Pop first originated in the year 1992 in South Korea. Like english record labels  , K-pop has agencies to produce individual and group music videos . The biggest K-Pop agencies are SM Entertainment , YG entertainment and JYP entertainment. I mostly listen to songs produced by SM town ( SM entertainment ) as  they produce very good quality work and probably I’m just biased towards them as my favourite groups belong to SM Town. “Groups” is the term referred to instead of bands in K-Pop.

My favourite group is “SHINee” , it comprises of 5 young boys who are extremely talented and good-looking <3. Other bands I really like are Super Junior, Girls Generation and Red Velvet.

I’m kind off new to K-Pop too , so I’m not very deeply into it and I don’t know many groups and singers . But. I’m pretty sure in a few months I will be completely into it and will be very well versed with my knowledge on K-Pop.

Few song recommendations :

1. Mamacita – Super Junior ( My fave song , it’s really funny and I fell into K-pop because of this song)

2. This is love – Super Junior

3. Rewind – Zhoumi

4. Happiness – Red Velvet

5. Mr.Mr – Girls Generation (SNSD)

6. Holler – Girls Generation (SNSD- subunit)

7. Hello – SHINee (these guys are my bae’s and this is my favourite song)

8. Everybody- SHINee

9. Lucifer- SHINee

10. Downtown Baby- SHINee ( this is actually J-Pop)


images-27                    images-28




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