A disconnect from the world

During  the summer of 2015  I found myself in the midst of plush green hills , the soothing yet threatening  sound of the waterfalls and the heavy white clouds. I never found myself so close to the nature before , I practically touched the clouds and saw them move so close to my eyes (they looked like cotton candy haha ) . I felt the faint splatter of water form the waterfalls and the might of the Khasi hills.
Now if your wondering what place I visited ? It was Cherrapunji in the state of Meghalaya . As the name says Meghalaya is the land of  clouds . It is a part of the seven north east states of India.
At Cherrapunji I  disconnected from the world ( no internet ,no TV , no friends, no drama) , but I ended up reconnecting with myself .
They were panoramic views of the waterfall , the hills and the sky. But what was so different about this hill station was that it was so different from the other hill stations I have been to . It was so untouched by the rest of the world. There were no cars or motor bikes except a  few tourist vehicles , no pavements , concrete roads or cemented buildings. Everything was so earthy and pure. The roads were brown and muddy , the houses were small and simple , the people were polite and pure hearted  , the air was fresh and free , and there were no noises except that of the birds chirping , the thunder and the rain ( which was  loud and scary) .
The place was so real that it felt so surreal.
The best part of my stay at Cherrapunji was the trip to the root bridges.
The root bridges are  natural  bridges that are formed by the entwining of the branches of two trees. The most famous root bridge is the Umshiang Double decker root bridge . It’s located in a valley near the village of Nongriat . There were no means of transportation to reach the bridge , we had to walk all the way down a hill , up another hill and go back the same way on the same day before dusk. The entire trek to the root bridge was an incredible experience and by far the most physically challenging task in my life. During the trek and my time at the root bridge , I felt like I was in the world of Tarzan . I had to climb more than 4000 steps up & down , make my path through the hills , and walk through thin , weird metallic bridges ;  it was a true adventure . By the end of it both my body and brain were completely exhausted , but I did it and thats what mattered the most. I was always passionate about exploring new things and I challenged myself to take up the task. I was the first person in the group to complete the trek and that feeling was so self satisfying and I felt much more confident . I also never tested my physical stamina or pushed myself to such an extent , but after this trek I could figure out both my mental and physical strengths .
It was a mind blowing and a fascinating experience .


Incredible India

With it’s rich cultural heritage , vast natural diversity and it’s multi-lingual and religious background  , India is the perfect destination for any tourist. One visit to this country is never enough to explore it completely . All the states in India are culturally diverse and each state offers a tourist many interesting destinations.

Whether it is the mighty mountains of the North , the traditional temples of the South , the historical sites of the Deccan plateau or the sun-kissed beaches of the West, India is a treat for every tourist. India is a country that can serve tourists who have different interests.

India is home to various famous pilgrimage sites such as  , Haridwar , Rishikesh , Amarnath , Badrinath , Tirupathi , the Golden Temple of Amritsar and many more .

It also has number of spots for relaxation and leisure in summer as well as winter. One can visit famous hill stations such as Darjeeling , Shimla , Kullu Manali , Gangtok, Ooty and Coorg or  the beautiful golden beaches of Goa .

India has many historical sites mainly  in,  Delhi , Rajasthan , Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. Taj Mahal at Agra has been listed as one of the 7 wonders of the world by the United Nations.

Of late , medical tourism has made a lot of progress in India . India offers world class medical facilities at lower prices compared to the developed countries ; this attracts many foreigners to India for medical treatment .
India also offers a number of cuisines for food enthusiasts . Each state in India has it’s own distinct cuisine .

India is a tourist’s dream destination as it has the best of both worlds !

The Beauty & the Beast !

Hello everyone , I have been nominated for the ‘ spread love challenge ‘ by Jai Vyas (https://jaivyaswrites.wordpress.com/2015/03/16/love-sprinkle-that-shit-everywhere/ ) , thank you once again. 🙂
So coming down to the rules ,
1. We have to write ten four letter word sentences about love .
But, I’m going break the rules completely ( since I’m a rebel haha ) and instead, write a huge paragraph solely dedicated to love.

” Love ” – ” What is it ?”
It’s a simple four letter word , yet has the power to turn our lives upside down .
‘ Love conquers all ‘ ( at least that’s what I heard in the movies and I guess I believe in it , I don’t really know ) .
People say love is a beautiful feeling , but I believe there’s a lot more to it than just a feeling . It’s not always beautiful , it’s filled with pain , confusion , anguish and darkness . But , sometimes it helps us find ourselves and leads us into the path of light .
Love is about trust ; it’s like jumping off a plane relying upon a parachute & a rope without knowing whether you will survive or not , yet you take the risk . You know that it’s painful and your going to get hurt , yet you jump into this magical whimsical feeling.
Love isn’t the same all the time. You don’t have to be with a person to love them , sometimes it’s just about wishing the best for them ( like a fairy god mother :P).
Sometimes , love is just about sacrifice & hope , hope is something we all use to comfort our hearts .
Love isn’t just about one thing , it cannot be described in a few lines or a thousand pages for that matter . It’s something that you need to be touched by.
Love is so complicated , yet so simple . It’s all about trust , sacrifice , hope, courage , risk , passion & that special bond you have with another person.
We all try to understand love and find it’s coda but we fail to do so. Although , love is just a feeling it’s something that’s more powerful than mankind . It’s something we all search for and something that we cannot buy with money ( it doesn’t specifically have to be between two individuals , it can also be about being passionate about what you do , like your love for travelling ,art , music , writing , reading , social service etc. ) .
” Sometimes love is overrated , cause in the end it’s just a paradox….

2. Share your favourite quote on love

” Do not fall in love darling Darling , Rise in Love ” – The Dreamer

3. Nominate 10 other bloggers for the same

I’ll post links to their blogs .











PS : I’m very sorry for breaking the rules , this post was a completely raw post right from my head and heart. I tried analysing love as much as possible , sorry if I completely bored you with that post.

Go on spread that love , cause ” All you need is love ” *haha*

Liebster Award Nomination !

I have bee nominated for the Liebster Award , by jai vyas writes (https://jaivyaswrites.wordpress.com/2015/02/21/liebster/) . Thank you so much ! 😀
This is my first ever award nomination in the blogging community and I’m so happy about it . It is like an encouragement for me and a boost to work better and put more efforts into my blog. 🙂
Now, as per the rules :
My nominator , jaivyas , has asked me and the fellow nominees  to either write 10 facts about ourselves or to  answer the same questions that he did .
I am going to answer the questions as well as state 10 facts about myself using those questions .

1. What made you start your blog ?
I was always fascinated by the virtual world , the whole idea of writing in  cyber space , meeting people with the same  interests as me from different parts of the world and talking to them .
This blog was the result of my extreme procrastination during my mid term exams last year , but for a change , my procrastination led to some thing useful . For me , writing is like an escape , it calms me down and soothes my soul . It gives me this weird kind off satisfaction and when I’m all confused and vulnerable writing really helps me. English has always been one of my favourite subjects in school and creative writing was one of my favourite topics . I also got inspired  by many of the famous you tubers and bloggers ( michelle phan , chiara ferragni , connor franta , superwoman and the list goes on ). I started this blog when I was going through one of those dark , depressed phases and I didn’t want to stay that way , I wanted to do something productive with my life and create a platform for my writings.

2.What is your favourite dish and which country is it from ?
I don’t really have a specific favourite dish , but I love ‘Italian cuisine’ . Pizza ,pasta , tortillas , salads , sandwich , cake, cereal  and ice cream / frozen yoghurt are my favourite things to eat . I love sweet and sour stuff , I can’t eat anything spicy.I love olives , especially the black ones , they are so delicious. Sometimes, my mom jokes around saying I should have been born in some western country because of my food habits and lifestyle .

3.Coffee or tea?
I love both of them , but if I had to pick one I would definitely choose coffee. Coffee makes me feel refreshed and also gives me this weird satisfaction when I’m done drinking it.
I also really like different kinds off teas ,like green tea,lemon tea and lichee tea is really delicious.

4.What is your next travel destination ?
Since, summer is coming up I really want to go to a nice sunny place with beaches. I was thinking about Thailand or Indonesia , but nothing has been finalised. There are chances I might not go anywhere too. 😦

One sentence which describes you ?
Crazy, complicated , weird girl ,bit of a rebel & badass ,who is introverted & extroverted at the same time ,wants to go away & dreams of having wild adventures , work , play , WANDER and live like there is no tomorrow .

6. I love fashion and dressing up , but I’m not girly. I’m more into edgy , vintage , grunge and hipster styles. I love animal prints and galaxy prints on anything.I dream of having my own fashion label someday, if I decide to settle down somewhere ( haha big dreams 😛 ).

7.My dream and life goal is to travel. I love travelling , it makes me so happy , I takes my mind of everything . I have that urge and lust to keep exploring and going to new places. I want to be a traveller. I don’t know how I can achieve that, I could probably be a travel journalist (since I write and I’m into art ). Shortly, ” I’m in love with the cities I have never been to and the people I have never met.”

8.I’m really weird and I love weird people. I talk to myself a lot and I really enjoy it. I feel satisfied and my head feels better for some reason. I cannot take people for a very long time , sometimes I just need to be left alone ( problems of being in the mid line of an introvert & an extrovert)

9.I love anything creative. I’m into art and design. I’m not very good at it , but I enjoy it a lot and I think that’s what matters the most.
“Art is not always what you see, it’s what you feel.”

10. I don’t react to many things (they don’t really trigger my emotions) , but sometimes my emotions are unpredictable and I have no control over them. I’m quite moody at times. I’m trying to work on my emotions as to why I’m so non reactive many times and sometimes I just go mad. But,overall I’m not sensitive or emotional. I can happily live without anyone.

There’s so much more to me, but I’m not going to write anymore because you would just get bored reading it.

My nominees are :

1.Behold the infinite (https://beholdtheinfinite.wordpress.com)

2.Simply Complicated (http://simrangandhi.wordpress.com)

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….Because life had to go on , she had to move on .
Pick up all her broken pieces and fix them back together .
She had to do it all alone , because sometimes we just have to help ourselves.
It was just another chapter in life , just another lesson learnt.
Sometimes the people whom we loved with all our heart don’t decide to love us back , we just need to accept the sad truth & move on, because in life we don’t always get what we want….


…. He was everywhere .

He was her problem , he was her solution .
He was her strength , he was her weakness .
He showed her the light and left her in the darkness .
He lifted her up to the sky and threw her down in the ashes .

He was her mess ….



She felt the pain passing through every nerve of her body , it was too much to take.

All her thoughts were muddled up .

Everything she had built up for herself over the years came crashing down .

She felt like she was locked up in a dark cupboard , confused and vulnerable .

Her mind was a mess and her heart was heavy .

She couldn’t think, every bit of logic left her mind. She was completely devastated , lost in the darkness .

She felt like disappearing from this world and going away somewhere no one can find her not even herself.

Tears were streaming down her cheeks, her eyes were red, her nose was burning , her head was about to explode , she couldn’t think!

It’s called heartbreak , about a 2million song written about it ….


The last time you danced in the rain .

The last time you sang out  loud to your heart’s content.

The last time you laughed to the fullest. 

The last time you made someone happy and found your happiness in it .

The last time you smiled as soon as you woke up in the morning .

The last time you developed a negative into a positive.

The last time you got out of your comfort zone and tried something new.

The last time you smiled at a stranger.

The last time you rose up from the darkness and found a ray of hope !

If you don’t remember it ,then do it now .

Happiness can be found in the darkest of times only if one remembers to turn on the light” – (  Albus Dumbledore)

The Purpose Of Life !! :)

Enjoying the sun

What is the purpose of our life ?? Many of us think that earning big bucks , owning a swanky car , becoming famous and leading a luxurious life is the sole purpose of our life. But , the main purpose of our life is to do good and be happy. There is a monster and an angel in everyone , but most of us forget to recognise the angel and bring it out. We all think that the sole purpose of our life is just to fulfil our dreams , ambitions and goals . Having dreams and ambitions is amazing and we all should strive to achieve them with integrity. I personally think that it is more important for us to make our presence be felt in this world – not by becoming a celebrity , a billionaire or by dominating the world like Hitler , but, by doing little things that make a difference . We should not forget the society and ‘the Mother Earth’, which has given us everything and not expected anything back from us. We need to help the needy people and not look down upon them. There are so many social evils and most of us do not even bother to do something to make a little change . I believe that doing these little things, that are a small drop in the ocean can make a huge difference. LIVE AND LET LIVE, spread happiness wherever you go and make a positive impact on people , because life is too short to be wasted on lamenting over things we don’t have . We all spend so much time wanting and pursuing things , that sometimes we fail to recognise the little things in life . We are taken over by the monsters of envy , greed, power and end up being so selfish that we forget humanity. Today I want an iPhone and once I get it, tomorrow I want something else . Our wants are insatiable , we cannot fulfil all of them , but we can put them aside and work towards building up ourselves . Love everyone and spread love , be a human and find a purpose in life , which is not just related to materialistic things . As Shakespeare said, ” I always feel happy , you know why ? Because I don’t expect anything from anyone , expectations always hurt. Life is short, so love your life, be happy and keep smiling. Just live for yourself . Before you speak , listen, before you write, think, before you spend,earn, before you pray ,forgive, before you hurt, feel, before you hate, love, before you quit, try, and before you die , live .

P.S. These are just my opinions and views , I hope I did not offend anybody . The topic “Purpose of life” ,is a very wide topic to cover and this is just my tiny, little perspective . I hope you like it !! 🙂