A disconnect from the world

During  the summer of 2015  I found myself in the midst of plush green hills , the soothing yet threatening  sound of the waterfalls and the heavy white clouds. I never found myself so close to the nature before , I practically touched the clouds and saw them move so close to my eyes (they looked like cotton candy haha ) . I felt the faint splatter of water form the waterfalls and the might of the Khasi hills.
Now if your wondering what place I visited ? It was Cherrapunji in the state of Meghalaya . As the name says Meghalaya is the land of  clouds . It is a part of the seven north east states of India.
At Cherrapunji I  disconnected from the world ( no internet ,no TV , no friends, no drama) , but I ended up reconnecting with myself .
They were panoramic views of the waterfall , the hills and the sky. But what was so different about this hill station was that it was so different from the other hill stations I have been to . It was so untouched by the rest of the world. There were no cars or motor bikes except a  few tourist vehicles , no pavements , concrete roads or cemented buildings. Everything was so earthy and pure. The roads were brown and muddy , the houses were small and simple , the people were polite and pure hearted  , the air was fresh and free , and there were no noises except that of the birds chirping , the thunder and the rain ( which was  loud and scary) .
The place was so real that it felt so surreal.
The best part of my stay at Cherrapunji was the trip to the root bridges.
The root bridges are  natural  bridges that are formed by the entwining of the branches of two trees. The most famous root bridge is the Umshiang Double decker root bridge . It’s located in a valley near the village of Nongriat . There were no means of transportation to reach the bridge , we had to walk all the way down a hill , up another hill and go back the same way on the same day before dusk. The entire trek to the root bridge was an incredible experience and by far the most physically challenging task in my life. During the trek and my time at the root bridge , I felt like I was in the world of Tarzan . I had to climb more than 4000 steps up & down , make my path through the hills , and walk through thin , weird metallic bridges ;  it was a true adventure . By the end of it both my body and brain were completely exhausted , but I did it and thats what mattered the most. I was always passionate about exploring new things and I challenged myself to take up the task. I was the first person in the group to complete the trek and that feeling was so self satisfying and I felt much more confident . I also never tested my physical stamina or pushed myself to such an extent , but after this trek I could figure out both my mental and physical strengths .
It was a mind blowing and a fascinating experience .


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