Incredible India

With it’s rich cultural heritage , vast natural diversity and it’s multi-lingual and religious background  , India is the perfect destination for any tourist. One visit to this country is never enough to explore it completely . All the states in India are culturally diverse and each state offers a tourist many interesting destinations.

Whether it is the mighty mountains of the North , the traditional temples of the South , the historical sites of the Deccan plateau or the sun-kissed beaches of the West, India is a treat for every tourist. India is a country that can serve tourists who have different interests.

India is home to various famous pilgrimage sites such as  , Haridwar , Rishikesh , Amarnath , Badrinath , Tirupathi , the Golden Temple of Amritsar and many more .

It also has number of spots for relaxation and leisure in summer as well as winter. One can visit famous hill stations such as Darjeeling , Shimla , Kullu Manali , Gangtok, Ooty and Coorg or  the beautiful golden beaches of Goa .

India has many historical sites mainly  in,  Delhi , Rajasthan , Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. Taj Mahal at Agra has been listed as one of the 7 wonders of the world by the United Nations.

Of late , medical tourism has made a lot of progress in India . India offers world class medical facilities at lower prices compared to the developed countries ; this attracts many foreigners to India for medical treatment .
India also offers a number of cuisines for food enthusiasts . Each state in India has it’s own distinct cuisine .

India is a tourist’s dream destination as it has the best of both worlds !


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