The Beauty & the Beast !

Hello everyone , I have been nominated for the ‘ spread love challenge ‘ by Jai Vyas ( ) , thank you once again. 🙂
So coming down to the rules ,
1. We have to write ten four letter word sentences about love .
But, I’m going break the rules completely ( since I’m a rebel haha ) and instead, write a huge paragraph solely dedicated to love.

” Love ” – ” What is it ?”
It’s a simple four letter word , yet has the power to turn our lives upside down .
‘ Love conquers all ‘ ( at least that’s what I heard in the movies and I guess I believe in it , I don’t really know ) .
People say love is a beautiful feeling , but I believe there’s a lot more to it than just a feeling . It’s not always beautiful , it’s filled with pain , confusion , anguish and darkness . But , sometimes it helps us find ourselves and leads us into the path of light .
Love is about trust ; it’s like jumping off a plane relying upon a parachute & a rope without knowing whether you will survive or not , yet you take the risk . You know that it’s painful and your going to get hurt , yet you jump into this magical whimsical feeling.
Love isn’t the same all the time. You don’t have to be with a person to love them , sometimes it’s just about wishing the best for them ( like a fairy god mother :P).
Sometimes , love is just about sacrifice & hope , hope is something we all use to comfort our hearts .
Love isn’t just about one thing , it cannot be described in a few lines or a thousand pages for that matter . It’s something that you need to be touched by.
Love is so complicated , yet so simple . It’s all about trust , sacrifice , hope, courage , risk , passion & that special bond you have with another person.
We all try to understand love and find it’s coda but we fail to do so. Although , love is just a feeling it’s something that’s more powerful than mankind . It’s something we all search for and something that we cannot buy with money ( it doesn’t specifically have to be between two individuals , it can also be about being passionate about what you do , like your love for travelling ,art , music , writing , reading , social service etc. ) .
” Sometimes love is overrated , cause in the end it’s just a paradox….

2. Share your favourite quote on love

” Do not fall in love darling Darling , Rise in Love ” – The Dreamer

3. Nominate 10 other bloggers for the same

I’ll post links to their blogs .

PS : I’m very sorry for breaking the rules , this post was a completely raw post right from my head and heart. I tried analysing love as much as possible , sorry if I completely bored you with that post.

Go on spread that love , cause ” All you need is love ” *haha*


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