Liebster Award Nomination !

I have bee nominated for the Liebster Award , by jai vyas writes ( . Thank you so much ! 😀
This is my first ever award nomination in the blogging community and I’m so happy about it . It is like an encouragement for me and a boost to work better and put more efforts into my blog. 🙂
Now, as per the rules :
My nominator , jaivyas , has asked me and the fellow nominees  to either write 10 facts about ourselves or to  answer the same questions that he did .
I am going to answer the questions as well as state 10 facts about myself using those questions .

1. What made you start your blog ?
I was always fascinated by the virtual world , the whole idea of writing in  cyber space , meeting people with the same  interests as me from different parts of the world and talking to them .
This blog was the result of my extreme procrastination during my mid term exams last year , but for a change , my procrastination led to some thing useful . For me , writing is like an escape , it calms me down and soothes my soul . It gives me this weird kind off satisfaction and when I’m all confused and vulnerable writing really helps me. English has always been one of my favourite subjects in school and creative writing was one of my favourite topics . I also got inspired  by many of the famous you tubers and bloggers ( michelle phan , chiara ferragni , connor franta , superwoman and the list goes on ). I started this blog when I was going through one of those dark , depressed phases and I didn’t want to stay that way , I wanted to do something productive with my life and create a platform for my writings.

2.What is your favourite dish and which country is it from ?
I don’t really have a specific favourite dish , but I love ‘Italian cuisine’ . Pizza ,pasta , tortillas , salads , sandwich , cake, cereal  and ice cream / frozen yoghurt are my favourite things to eat . I love sweet and sour stuff , I can’t eat anything spicy.I love olives , especially the black ones , they are so delicious. Sometimes, my mom jokes around saying I should have been born in some western country because of my food habits and lifestyle .

3.Coffee or tea?
I love both of them , but if I had to pick one I would definitely choose coffee. Coffee makes me feel refreshed and also gives me this weird satisfaction when I’m done drinking it.
I also really like different kinds off teas ,like green tea,lemon tea and lichee tea is really delicious.

4.What is your next travel destination ?
Since, summer is coming up I really want to go to a nice sunny place with beaches. I was thinking about Thailand or Indonesia , but nothing has been finalised. There are chances I might not go anywhere too. 😦

One sentence which describes you ?
Crazy, complicated , weird girl ,bit of a rebel & badass ,who is introverted & extroverted at the same time ,wants to go away & dreams of having wild adventures , work , play , WANDER and live like there is no tomorrow .

6. I love fashion and dressing up , but I’m not girly. I’m more into edgy , vintage , grunge and hipster styles. I love animal prints and galaxy prints on anything.I dream of having my own fashion label someday, if I decide to settle down somewhere ( haha big dreams 😛 ).

7.My dream and life goal is to travel. I love travelling , it makes me so happy , I takes my mind of everything . I have that urge and lust to keep exploring and going to new places. I want to be a traveller. I don’t know how I can achieve that, I could probably be a travel journalist (since I write and I’m into art ). Shortly, ” I’m in love with the cities I have never been to and the people I have never met.”

8.I’m really weird and I love weird people. I talk to myself a lot and I really enjoy it. I feel satisfied and my head feels better for some reason. I cannot take people for a very long time , sometimes I just need to be left alone ( problems of being in the mid line of an introvert & an extrovert)

9.I love anything creative. I’m into art and design. I’m not very good at it , but I enjoy it a lot and I think that’s what matters the most.
“Art is not always what you see, it’s what you feel.”

10. I don’t react to many things (they don’t really trigger my emotions) , but sometimes my emotions are unpredictable and I have no control over them. I’m quite moody at times. I’m trying to work on my emotions as to why I’m so non reactive many times and sometimes I just go mad. But,overall I’m not sensitive or emotional. I can happily live without anyone.

There’s so much more to me, but I’m not going to write anymore because you would just get bored reading it.

My nominees are :

1.Behold the infinite (

2.Simply Complicated (

3.The girl that was smitten with smiles (

4. Sharon Beauty Prime (

5. euphoricbeing (


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